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Heart Health: New Ways to Help Your Elders with High Cholesterol

Heart Health: New Ways to Help Your Elders with High Cholesterol
High cholesterol is not actually externally acquired like colds or flu. It is part of the food we eat. It is a condition that arises from the multifaceted dealings between how we live and eat and how our bodies respond to those selections.

As we get older, the factors that affect our bodies and health also increases. Having high cholesterol increases the risks of a person for heart attack, chest pain, and stroke since it has the tendency to build up in the arteries as plaque, slowing and blocking the blood flow which can lead to heart disease and long-term management and control of cholesterol.

Better Living Home Care Agency, a reliable provider of senior home care in Simpson Park Road Weir Mississippi, affirms that there are already a number of effective treatment options are available! Here are some of the newest ideas that you should know about cholesterol in the elderly!

First, the factors affecting cholesterol levels but which are not limited to can increase your risks for heart disease:

  • Diabetes
  • Family history of early heart disease
  • Smoking
  • Age (45-55+)
  • Low HDL levels
  • High blood pressure

Remember that our bodies need healthy levels of cholesterol to function. In normal levels, it allows our bodies to make hormones and vitamin D of which makes up bile acid. What’s alarming about having high cholesterol, on the other hand, is that it does not show any obvious symptoms.

Lifestyle modifications need to be done once you officially know that you have high cholesterol. You need to do these changes as your first line of treatment.

  • Healthy diet
    Heart-healthy diets promote whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and legumes. You also have to limit on food that is high in sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. Any item made with hydrogenated oil and vegetable shortening have trans-fat and it should be avoided. Instead, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats can help reduce cholesterol.
  • Weight loss
    People who are obese tend to have lower levels of good cholesterol and higher levels of the bad ones than people of normal weight. Losing weight can help bring your good cholesterol up and bad cholesterol down.
    If you are carrying extra fat around your middle, it is time to slim down. Eating fewer calories and exercising more can make a big difference.
  • Stop smoking
    Smoking is one of the top controllable risks factors for heart disease. Quitting smoke can make a huge difference to not just your heart, but also to your overall health as it can protect your health and blood vessels particularly.Know more on how you can help your elder protect their heart today! Call Better Living Home Care Agency today! We provide the finest senior home care in Simpson Park Road Weir Mississippi!
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