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Go, Grow and Glow: How Gardening Can Help Elders

grandparents are farming

Some family members are having a hard time in looking for recreational activities for their loved ones to do over the Internet. Are you one of them who keep on looking for centers and community events for your loved ones to keep them active and busy all day too? You might have overlooked your own home!

Your loved ones can actually stay active at home not only with their nursing assistants from your senior home care in Simpson Park Road Weir Mississippibut also with a little planting can happen! Yes, that’s right! Gardening is one activity that your loved ones can do at home with approval from your doctor. Gardening has proven to give a lot of benefits to elders like:

  • It inspires use and practice of motor skills
  • It moderates stress levels and promotes relaxation
  • It develops endurance and strength
  • It is a pleasing form of exercise
  • It provides stimulation and interest in nature and outdoors
  • It increases levels of physical activity, mobility, and flexibility
  • It helps prevent diseases like osteoporosis
  • It can provide nutritious, home-grown food

Better Living Home Care Agency, an agency long trusted in the community for senior home care in Simpson Park Road Weir Mississippi, also add that studies are said to have confirmed the following specific benefits:

  1. Mental health
    Gardening was found to be have decreased the risk of dementia among elders around 60s to 70s. The samples of elders were said to have gardened for 16% years even when other health factors were taken into account.
  2. Therapeutic
    It is a common notion that nature can help the human body heal. Doctors always suggest both young and the young at heart to look at green trees after two hours of exposure to radiation from devices (i.e. computers, cellphones etc.). Another major study concluded that patients recovering from surgeries that have looked out at a view of trees had shorter hospital stays, took less pain medication and had fewer complaints than those who looked at a brick wall.
  3. Immunity
    Soil bacteria has been found by neuroscientists from the University of Colorado to affect the development of a strong immune system. These harmless soil-born Mycobacterium vaccae have sharply stimulated the human immune system and thus, resulting in better immunity towards diseases.
  4. On the other hand, as your source for senior home care in Simpson Park Road Weir Mississippi, we have to ensure that gardening should be easy and fun for you. You have to consider the following conditions before gardening to guarantee a good time:

  5. Weather
    Aging causes thinning and fragility of you or your elderly loved ones’ skin. This thinning can make them susceptible to bumps, bruises, and sunburn. Hence, you have to do this at the right time, day and area of the house. Also, ensure they are always hydrated to avoid passing out or fainting.
  6. Balance
    Elder people would sometimes have a hard time in keeping their balance and this endangers their safety. You have to give them walking aids and other support if they have to walk to and fro around the gardening area. Make sure their walking areas are not slippery and flat, they should also wear protective footwear and they have the right gardening attire.
  7. Mental abilities
    If your loved ones are going through the stages of dementia and Alzheimers’ then together with your provider of senior home care in Simpson Park Road Weir Mississippi, try to restructure and plan out a better way to cater to their needs.
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