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Warning Signs Your Parents Should Stop Driving

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Driving is essential in the lives of the American population. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, it became our new way of getting into places. It too has become a part of the life of your family but what if that time comes when your parents themselves are in danger of driving?

We believe this issue concerns most of us especially when our parents are reaching that time in their life. As our parent’s children, we need to spot these warning signs before it gets serious.

A number of older Americans have continued being healthy, giving them the privileged of staying behind the wheels. But according to experts, you should politely ask your parents to stop driving if you noticed any of the following signs:

  • They are getting lost.
    The party is at 1pm in your house and your parents say they can join you. About an hour later, they still have not reached your house yet even if they are particular with time and attendance. And at last, after 30 more minutes, they arrived without any big concerns happening on the road instead of getting lost.
    Now you may think that this may just be a one timer but think again. What if your parents will be lost again? Do not just dismiss this issue and relay your concern to them.
  • They became the cause of noisy honks in the road.
    You are riding with your beloved parents and they are the ones who are taking the wheel. While you were out there in the road, you notice that your mom or dad, whoever is behind the wheel, spends a minute before hitting go even if the traffic light obviously flashes green; and then other people driving on the road starts honking angrily at you.
    There may be a reason why your parents are acting as such and we advise you to not dismiss it and consult their doctors right away.
  • They fail to see approaching traffic,
    Okay, this is probably the most dangerous sign out there. This comes when the car right in front of them stops and it took them some moments to respond and stop their own car. This could put them in danger and you should act on this matter as soon as possible.
    Ask your parents if this has ever happened to them while driving. Their head may be elsewhere or they may be distracted by something but regardless on the situation, mention this to their doctor so that you will have a clear mind.

Not being able to drive does not entirely mean not going on the road. It just means that it is not safe for them to be out there. They need someone, a companion, who can drive them to and fro especially during doctor’s appointments.

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